Vanilla Almond Milk

3 Benefits of Almond Fresh – Vanilla Flavor

Almond milk act as a good option for vegans and those who cannot drink dairy milk. And by now most people are opting for this healthy plant-based protein to keep their health in check and also as a replacement for the dairy product. Almond milk is considered as a superfood because of its rich source of nutritional benefits. It contains low fats as compared to regular dairy milk, and is loaded with high energy which makes it suitable for everyday consumption. Also, it provides the same amount of calcium as dairy milk which can help in building stronger bones and muscles.

LHF Almond Fresh brand offers one of the best vanilla almond milk, and here are three benefits you can gain by replacing your dairy milk with almond milk.

  • Taste with the goodness of health: Our vanilla almond milk is loaded with a hint of vanilla to give you the delicious flavor and the goodness of health at once. You can use the flavored milk in your cereals, smoothies, food recipes or drink it the way it is. It is filled with the power of protein, energy, calcium, potassium and all the essential nutrients your body needs every day.
  • Low in calories- As compared to regular milk, almond milk has fewer calories contain. If you wish to add a hint of vanilla in your breakfast cereals, then you should get your hands on our vanilla flavored Almond fresh.
  • Source of calcium- When you replace your regular dairy milk with Almond fresh, you can expect to get the same source of calcium from our flavored vanilla almond milk.

These are just a few of the benefits you will get by choosing our brand. We have the best vanilla almond milk in India.

Opt for LHF Almond Fresh and kick-start your day with the perfect protein filled drink.